Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is the integration of all coastal activities and resource demands in order to achieve economically, environmentally and socially sustainable development in compliance with local, regional, national and international goals (Mangor 2004). The core aims of ICZM can be summarized in the following points:

  • To manage coastal zones in a sustainable and informed manner which accounts for the wide range of important factors in coastal decision-making
  • To promote compatibility and balance of coastal uses
  • To promote cooperation between departments, ministries or agencies which have control over specific aspects of the coast. Also, to promote cooperation with other formal institutions such as universities and user groups
  • To apply preventative and precautionary approaches in respect to coastal development, i.e. attempt to limit coastal development in unsustainable areas
  • To account for both the economic and environmental costs and benefits of coastal management strategies in order to ensure the most beneficial use of the coastal zone
  • To facilitate communication with all interested parties on coastal planning and decision-making to ensure that all viewpoints are considered
  • To ensure the scope and complexity of the climate change aspects selected as priorities for adaptation measures are appropriate to the capacity of the institutions involved

The Coastal Hazard Wheel can support ICZM by providing a framework for analysing and managing all the main coastal conditions and challenges and guide stakeholder involvement, consultation and communication as part of the wider coastal planning and management process. The Coastal Hazard Wheel itself can be used actively in stakeholder engagement and workshops while the automated Coastal Hazard Wheel App can be used for analysing coastal conditions and for development of local, regional and national of hazard maps and management plans.

For further information on the use of the Coastal Hazard Wheel as part of ICZM processes, please get in touch with us.