National classification and hazard management schemes

Local, regional and national coastal classification, hazard management and standardized communication schemes are implemented on request. They are carried out as part of our global coastal classification programme and will contribute to making high quality coastal classification information and adaptation guidance available for national stakeholders and the general public.

The hazard management schemes are tailored to national priorities and can include detailed coastal classification activities, training, technical support, IT-components and policy-communication depending on requirements. They can cover all the hazard types covered by the Coastal Hazard Wheel, hereunder ecosystem disruption, gradual inundation, salt water intrusion, erosion and flooding, and all the related management perspectives.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App is used for the classification and hazard management activities and relevant information on current management measures, land-use and policy-decisions can be integrated and updated on a continuous basis in cooperation with national stakeholders.

The broader aim of the coastal classification activities is to boost and support adaptation action from local to global level and provide a high-quality classification of the world's coastlines for the benefit of all coastal stakeholders worldwide.

For more information on our national classification and hazard management schemes, please get in touch with us.