The Coastal Hazard Wheel initiative is coordinating all activities related to the Coastal Hazard Wheel framework. It is operated as a public-private partnership involving a group of leading global knowledge institutions.

The initiative aims to make global coastal classification and adaptation information available with open access to facilitate coastal decision-making and standardized coastal communication worldwide.

The UNEP guide, the Coastal Hazard Wheel graphics and the scientific background material can be downloaded directly with open access. The global coastal classification and adaptation information will become gradually available with high accuracy as various classification projects are implemented and the functionality of the Coastal Hazard Wheel App is further expanded.

It is the hope that the Coastal Hazard Wheel will provide an easily accessible system to boost adaptation action and bridge the gap between scientists, policy-makers and the general public. We welcome contact from national stakeholders and as part of our activities, we implement coastal master planning, coastal classification, hazard management and standardized communication activities on request.

For technical assistance related to adaptation projects at local, regional and national level we are happy to discuss specific needs further. For specific assistance related to design and implementation of complex technical adaptation measures we refer to the relevant departments of UNEP DHI and Deltares who possess highly specialized hydrological expertise.