Scientific methodology documentation

The scientific methodology papers constitute the basis for the Coastal Hazard Wheel system and the documentation consists of two papers published in Journal of Coastal Conservation. The first paper published in 2013 provides the methodological foundation and is the main reference for the system. In this paper, the Coastal Hazard Wheel is mainly presented as a tool for multi-hazard-assessment and the paper can be downloaded below:

Generic framework for meso-scale assessment of climate change hazards in coastal environments

The second paper published in 2015 provides the methodological reference for the Coastal Hazard Wheel 2.0 and is written as a broader overview paper. The paper can be downloaded below:

The Coastal Hazard Wheel system for coastal multi-hazard assessment & management in a changing climate

The current version of the system, the Coastal Hazard Wheel 3.0, is published in the UNEP guide from 2016. The Coastal Hazard Wheel 3.0 has just minor methodological differences from the Coastal Hazard Wheel 2.0 and is considered a fully developed version for global use.