Management of coastal hazards

Guiding coastal hazard management

Coastal planning and management can be a complex process where the different hazard types, protection measures and human uses of the coast should be taken into account. The Coastal Hazard Wheel aims to support coastal stakeholders in addressing these issues altogether from local to national level.

The UNEP publication package (see UNEP Guide) provides a complete introduction to the Coastal Hazard Wheel while the automated Coastal Hazard Wheel App provides detailed coastal classification and automated adaptation guidance for the world’s coastlines that will be improved over time. It is the goal that these resources should provide a comprehensive and easily accessible basis for coastal climate change adaption and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM).

Technical support

In extension of this, we provide technical assistance on coastal hazard management and climate change adaptation on project basis, covering the wider challenges for coastal systems. This includes training and capacity building related to the use of the Coastal Hazard Wheel, development of coastal master plans and management strategies, management of the different coastal hazards including ecosystem disruption, gradual inundation, salt water intrusion, erosion and flooding, design of technical management measures and related Disaster Risk Reduction activities.

For questions related to our technical assistance activities or the general use of the Coastal Hazard Wheel, please get in touch with usFurther resources on design of coastal protection measures can be found under Engineering guidance