Scientific pilot assessments

The scientific pilot assessments showcase how the Coastal Hazard Wheel can be used for assessing coastal hazards at sub-national and national level and have been carried out as part of the methodological development process. The assessments have been implemented using the manual assessment procedure in ArcGIS that is further elaborated in the UNEP guide. The pilot assessments cover the Indian state of Karnataka and the African Republic of Djibouti and include a range of hazard maps for the two areas.

The assessment for Karnataka has been carried out with the Coastal Hazard Wheel 1.0 and constitutes the initial test assessment for broader multi-hazard-assessments. The scientific paper can be downloaded below.

Application of a new methodology for coastal multi-hazard-assessment & management on the state of Karnataka, India.

The assessment for Djibouti has been carried out with a preliminary version of the Coastal Hazard Wheel 2.0 and was implemented in collaboration with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). The assessment is published as a scientific paper covering relevant coastal planning perspectives and can be downloaded below:

Application of the Coastal Hazard Wheel methodology for coastal multi-hazard assessment and management in the state of Djibouti.